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Career test

Translate the original German, French techniques for career counseling and tests for career guidance.

You can take online battery career test at our site that is aimed at determination of you professional preferences. This career test will be interesting for pupils and students; it will help select future profession. It also will help anyone who wants to learn as to what professions they like the best.
Our free career test is based on proven techniques, but unlike the most vocational guidance tests it examines preferences towards modern professions and trends as well - management, IT, freelance, etc.
In the course of this battery test you will have to answer 400 questions that will determine you professional preferences. This battery consists of three well-known tests that are major tests for vocational guidance.
This battery "Free career test" includes following tests:
  • Differential-diagnostic questionary
  • Questionary of professional preparedness
  • Professional preferences questionary offered by D. Holland

    This advanced technique in the career field. Free career test has been used successfully throughout the world. Career test used in high schools to determine the professional preferences of schoolchildren and their knowledge of different occupations. Free Career Test is also used by employers to assess the qualities and skills of applicants. Using our free test career, you will be able to choose their future profession or to find out how many suits you is your real job.
    You can find more information on these free career tests on the page devoted to techniques of vocational guidance tests
    Note that you have an opportunity to take vocational guidance test at our site for free. We do not require payment or registration. When you are through with the vocational guidance test you will be presented with its results right away, without sms, payment or registration. We recommend you to take vocational guidance test at least two or three times a year since you professional likings can change within this period.

    The free career test does not require registration. No SMS. FREE.

    Comments on the Career Test

    The career aptitude test was taken by millions of people. Here are the things a few of them can say about the test.

    "The free career test made me reconsider my future plans and gave me a deeper vocational insight. It made me change the direction of my future education than I originally planned to."

    "I wanted to find a job after I finished school. I was really surprised of the results the career aptitude test showed me. I found out about the strengths and weaknesses I have. It helped me to pick the right way and find a place sooner than my friends did. I think that career assessment test gives everyone a chance to reveal his inner world. The fact that we are sure we know everything about our abilities is completely wrong, as our hidden possibilities may be revealed with time. Career test gives you an opportunity to do it sooner."

    The reasons that make taking a career test a necessity

    Today, searching through the INTERNET you can find a great variety of career assessment tests for entry and mid-career level workers, students and for people who are searching for opportunities to start their careers.
    If you are a school leaver, then it is much harder for you to make a choice. You future job must bring you pleasure, it must be full of self-realization opportunities. The key point is that has to coincide with your personal characteristic features, natural abilities, up-to-date interests and desires.
    For the best result you are to pass the free career test a few times per year, as your passions can change sooner you think. One more reason for taking aptitude test is the improvement of the accuracy level of the reports.